October on Instagram

It’s already the end of October! A lot to be both excited and stressed about, I’m not handling it very well cos well, it’s me we’re talking about here -__-

Anyway on to some stuff I’ve been up to in the past month:

fc15d1362fb811e3be0322000a9f38f1_8Made Oden the other day, one of my favorite foods in the world! Actually I don’t really care for most of the other ingredients in the pot, it’s the braised radish alone that gets me drooling…

f716551c303411e3996322000a9f1313_8George and I celebrated our 2nd year of marriage by getting our hands full of paint and splinters. We got wooden pallets, sandpapered them and painted them white as part of our merchandise and t-shirt display during the KL Photography Festival where we had a booth.

ac6bb96e2fe711e3adbc22000a9e17d5_8A hidden hardware shop which we drive past almost everyday for the past year but never realized it!

f53ae6242cd611e39ef122000aeb1b4d_8Printing some display material at a row of shops near our house where most of them look as though nothing has changed since the 90s.


Sorting out T-Shirts for sale with my QC Officer and of course, she has to sit on the Catstagram tees

Tada! Our booth, it’s not much but it’ll have to do with our limited budget

eee2b12a329011e3925f22000aa81f8f_8Some peeps signing up for our free digital magazine at our booth!

More people signing up!


Our cafe partner Cat in The Box joined us during the fair to promote their cold brew coffees and they were a huge hit! Even I who didn’t fancy coffees found myself thinking of their Lattes for days afterwards T_T I hope this isn’t the beginning of a coffee addiction.




The badges I designed for sale. They’re RM5 per piece or RM25 for 6 and comes with a postcard and cat origami. If you’d like a set, email me at szetooweiwen@c4ap.com


I hear Movember is coming up…

df68915e353f11e3ada322000a1fbcdb_8Daddy’s girl
c07fa372357611e390e022000a1fd202_8Standby for dinner

c7de67102cb211e387e522000a1fbae1_8Jackie’s after breakfast face

b61be4dc30d911e3b78322000a1fac13_8Pretty sunset one fine day, I wish sunsets like these would come by more often.


Donnie helping me sort out the badges and doing quality checks so you can be assured there’s no damaged units.


My favorite movies of all time are the Star Wars trilogies (IV, V, VI). I remember watching it as a kid but only found the droids fascinating. Later on in life I would get made fun of because my surname rhymed with ‘that Star Wars character’ and  my dad even used R2D2 as our Wifi Router name so I rewatched it when I was older and lovedddddd it! I was so obsessed I joined all sorts of contests to win merchandise back when the Parts I, !! and III came out. I managed to win tickets to the first two movie premieres and went with my best friend at that time Wei Zhen. I also have this habit of collecting iPhone cases….

2787350a311011e3afff22000aeb0fde_8Jackie chilling in bed

81159de22f1111e39d0222000a1fbc0c_8The first CD we bought in a loooooooong time!


My last pack of Strawberry Pocky from Japan. I only found out too late that they tasted a gazillion time better when refrigerated! I found them for sale at the Japan Club last week (cos George is a member, he goes there every week for Kendo training) at RM10 and there is no way I’m paying that much for biscuits.

5020a6fa2c3211e3bb5722000aeb3e27_8Donnie is somehow always near some form of rope or string…

1067a942309b11e3a39f22000aa8011e_8See what did I tell you…




I don’t get the joke, says Jet92dabf3632da11e38ddc22000aeb1014_8

New Cooking People story by Li Mei and myself (I shoot the visuals – photo & video) in this month’s The B-Side! If you’re curious to find out more about Transparent Apron, an underground supper club duo who both have conflicting views of cooking then this is one story you don’t wanna miss 😉81eaea962e9011e3ab6822000a1fb191_8

Erm, not very tasty Jet

22b62fe6319b11e3882622000a1f985d_8Jet underestimates my slicing skills

Donnie doesn’t really care

Under kitty supervision

8d10fe8a33ac11e3a48422000aeb1093_8Breakfast time!

8aa640782dc711e3870622000ae80ca3_8Donnie waiting outside the toilet whenever I go in…


I want them alllllllllll!


Human weight

5d4bada82ff611e388be22000a1d1fe4_8Time to clean up!


Miso glazed eggplants with beans that I cooked the other day ^^

2d6ae7c02e3411e3902022000aaa05e1_8We accidentally locked Jet in the clothes cupboard for more than 14 hours! I think she was a little stressed out and I felt so bad after that! Plus she didn’t even pee or poo in there, sucha good girl! I’m going to end this abruptly as usual haha. Have a good weekend everyone!


Instagrams of Cats

I’ve finally got a free day to myself so I’ll probably we working on some watercolor paintings later cos my Windsor & Newton Cotman watercolors just came in the mail last Friday, so excited to start using them! Been busy working on t-shirt, postcard and badges designs to sell at the KL Photography Festival next weekend. We’ve got a booth there and our cafe partner will be selling Cold Brews too! You can follow our FB page here for more updates.


Nobody mess with us! Kidding, we need more friends haha


Attention seeking Jet takes up half of my (already messy) desk


One day I woke with these two in my face. Alright alright, let’s go for breakfast


Found a piece of my childhood at the bottom of my little old car :,)


I woke up this morning and found them holding hands… What is going on here?

They’re not very affectionate towards each other in general so this is sorta weird to see


Oh I recently found my old diaries and this was drawn in May 2008, a month before I bought my first ever DSLR. Twas my current gear back then and I worked part time to buy the Powershot which lasted me through college. I sold it on eBay to a mother who wanted a camera for her kids while I was studying in Liverpool. I got the N82 through a Nokia contest after I lost my previous phone down the toilet.


With every t-shirt, badge or postcard sold, I’ll pop in a little origami cat or crane into their packs as a little surprise and for luck! I spend almost 5 hours folding half a bag the other day

*flexes fingers*


George is running some workshops and photo judging for Nokia so he got a Lumia 1020 to use. It’s decent but I like my iPhone better!


Cats in a row


Hiding but not hidden


Everytime I find Donnie in this pose, I think, “If only she did parkour, I’d be rich!”




May 2008

He had a background in political law.

He was soft spoken with gentle eyes that hid behind black round rimmed glasses and floppy hair. He was the most intelligent person I had ever come across, I cannot remember how it started but we’d have intellectual discussions and arguments on art, politics and the environment all through texts and then phone calls that lasted for hours.

We never spoke or shared anything personal yet there was something comforting about this friendship.

He was also my lecturer who had left to join the United Nations.

Two months after our first conversation he said:

“Meeting you for the very first time was like Tokyo.

Can I call you for a short while? I just want that deja vu experience of the first time I called and it was on the occasion of your heartless company.

Let me have my Bill moment and hear his Scarlett’s voice?”

I never texted him back.

And that was the last time we ever spoke to each other.

Cat Naps


0ad53ad2265d11e3982822000ae90f30_7Play time? The ultimate guilt-tripping face


Wakeeeeeeeeeeeeeee uppppppppppppppp


Most afternoons I walk into the bedroom to find Jackie asleep


Brought out the cage because of the cats’ fighting last week and they kept going into it voluntarily -__- I’ve put it back into the store room already and I think they miss it.


Yoga with Donnie


Looking all comfy there aren’t cha?


Let’s run away just you and me!




Don’t leave meeeee!


Caught Jet in mid yawn





Beam me up Scotty!


cd8a2ba626c511e3925f22000aa81f8f_7Thanks Ai Yin for the present from Japan!

The end of September. I’ve got a Coffee and Art festival to cover tomorrow for work so Imma go catch up on my books then sleep. Night!

Stop Fixing Things

Human beings are meddlesome.

We’re always trying to fix things that aren’t broken.

Sure without improvement things can seem somewhat mediocre but by perfecting or fixing a problem, we are in the process creating another one. For example, longer life spans and fertility rates are great but they create a whole new set of problems.

The population keeps increasing, developers keep building property to fulfill the demand, too much competition in school and the workplace, there’s more garbage around, more wastage, more pollutions, global resources and natural food supply is quick depleting, our food gets injected or sprinkled with unhealthy doses of chemicals to make them grow faster and then we start complaining about traffic jams and too many people at theme parks and malls.

How come nobody thinks about the greater good when it comes to these things but increasing taxes is. Why aren’t we nipping the problem in the bud?

Steve Jobs once said that market research was redundant because people don’t know what they want until we show them. Well that’s the problem isn’t it.

People can’t stand not doing anything. There’s always a need to be innovative, develop new technology, change the world but they don’t realize that by doing so, in walks new problems that didn’t even exist to be dealt with. Like ADHD, internet addiction, hashtags everywhere and the dinner conversations.

Before the internet or mobile phones and all that, we were fine. Seriously do we need things to be easier? If you need to work on an essay, get off your bum, walk to the library, that way you get to exercise both your brain, eyes and legs in the process but now it’s just our fingers that are getting workout.

Like why do we need strollers, it’s just keeping the kids from learning to walk earlier isn’t it? When I was 1 and a half I couldn’t wait to run and by two I was already reading them Peter and Jane.

At least that’s what my mum tells me.

And the person who created fast food must think he’s some sort of genius but it’s not making people move or work faster considering all that pounds they’re lapping up.To be honest, I don’t like change. I do enjoy learning new things but there’s already so much of the world that’s on my to do list that there’s just no point trying to add to it.

Just this morning I was watching MasterChef US and the pressure test challenge was to bake a cheesecake and then I tried to remember the first time I had cheesecake and how I felt eating it.

Then I realized how few new experiences I’ve had in the past few years and not much left me in awe no thanks to technology basically because I’ve practically seen em all.

The only things that really impress me these days are when I go somewhere that’s clean because you don’t find a lot of places where people are voluntarily hygienic this side of the world. Governments should focus on instilling good eating habits and the importance of not throwing your garbage along the roads so that way we’ll save a whole lot on medical and use all those excess money to build proper sidewalks and trains so that people can stop relying on cars.

It’s all a chain effect isn’t it.

I guess there are some things we should fix but greed always gets in the way doesn’t it.



Cat Problems (Solved!) & New Hair

The worst is over! First of all, I really need to credit and thank Jackson Galaxy (cat behaviourist) cos all those hours on Wednesday night watching My Cat From Hell finally paid off though there is no way in hell that I would want to repeat this episode. I’m glad this whole fiasco only lasted less than 48 hours but here’s what happened on Day 2.


Just when we thought we might have to resort to this (haha just kidding), we went out and bought these portable fences from the pet shop for RM18 each. We got two. We kept two cats in rooms while another was left to roam about.


Jet seemed perfectly fine to be inside and slept on the ironing board most of the night. We finally resorted to showering the other two cats yesterday to remove all smells from them so that everyone can start anew.

Showering Jackie was a breeze like Donnie but Jet was like a scene out of The Exorcist. George and I put on long sleeve jackets and as soon as we closed that bathroom door behind us with Jet in his arms, she started yowling and growling and shrieking and hissing while spraying pee everywhere.

You know what they say, can’t get peace without some piss.

Miraculously, within 10 minutes after her bath, she was back to her normal cuddly self -___-

Still hissing at Donnie though. Oh well.


On Day 2 I kept Donnie out while the other two were locked. Jackie still did not respond well to Donnie and would hiss at her whenever she came into sight. I fed them three near the fences so that they would all detect/smell each other and associate it with something good, like food. Also played with them three separately every hour.

Donnie handled the whole thing like a champ, she never retaliated, never growled back and would walk away quietly whenever the other two hissed at her. I’m so so proud of our girl!


She kept going up to the fences with that, “What did I do wrong? Why don’t you like me?” face


By night, I let Jackie and Jet out (cos they touched noses, sniffed each other and seemed to be doing fine). Locked Donnie in the bedroom and she got bored really quick. Here she is playing Monkey Bars, Level 0.


So yay, everyone’s out chilling in the office with us right now. I’m just so so glad that everything’s back to normal. To top it all off, we finally got a cafe partner on board the Centre and they’re called Cat in A Box, I’m not kidding! I was so shocked when we heard (they were introduced to us by the mall’s management). Like hello! I’m working on some Cats x Cameras merchandise right now, so excited to see where things go.

Fate works in funny ways I tell you.

1551b388213411e3a8b322000a1f9691_7Now that cat issues are settled, my in-laws just came back from Hakodate and they brought us some Hokkaido Chips, Seaweed and Sake. We don’t drink and it’s way too fancy for cooking so I guess it’ll make for a pretty expensive shelf deco for now.


Every year I go to the hair salon once. That day was today.

My hair is about 3 inches shorter now but a lot lighter and less hobo looking. I keep my hair up in a bun 6 days a week just cos it’s just too hot here and I refuse to install air conditioning (yes to save the planet) so I figured it didn’t make much difference to have my hair longer or shorter.

The Day All Hell Broke Loose (Cats Edition)

Woke up today and decided I couldn’t delay prepping their food any longer. I usually prepare their food twice a month with each batch lasting for about 12 to 14 days. George had a ton of meetings to attend to today so he left shortly after I woke up and was vacuuming the office.

After two hours of packing and feeding, I decided that today would be a good day to shower the cats.

Okay maybe just one of them.

I went around the house calling for Donnie but she didn’t come so I went from room to room and found her doing her thing in the kitty toilet.

Ooops, sorry my bad.

_DSC8783-1 (dragged)

So I waited until she as done with her number two then whisked her off to the bathroom. She immediately sensed something was wrong the moment I closed the door shut and started pawing at the door.

It wasn’t hard bathing Donnie compared to the other two cats, she only whimpered slightly once or twice and as I poured water down her back she gave me the “What did I do wrong?” face.

Halfway through she jumped on my lap and stayed there until I was done showering her. We both ended up soaked.


It was only after that that the real problem began. As she ran out to the hall after I towelled her dry (or at least tried to), Jackie came running up to her and sniffed Donnie.


The shampoo must have washed off whatever scent Donnie had and Fruity Floral obviously didn’t sit very well with Jackie so she started hissing at poor Donnie who had no idea what was going on.

_DSC8798Then Donnie got frightened and started hissing back.

_DSC8809The hissing got quite bad that the cats bolted into separate rooms and wouldn’t come out. I had Donnie in the office with me thinking that once she dried up, things would go back to normal. You know how most cats seem to shrink during a bath just cos they’re so furry? Donnie seems to look almost the same.

Except wetter.

_DSC8821The thing is, things never did go back to normal. It’s been almost 12 hours now and there has been two mad chase fights (both lasted less than 20 seconds but we’re all still traumatized over it).

It’s scary because they’ve always been friendly and very quiet! We went and bought fences and a new litter box because all three are now hostile towards each other and keep growling or hissing whenever they see each other. They’ve never been this way before! At first I found it funny but it’s a severe situation and if prolonged, it could change the dynamics of this house and our relationships forever (so drama!).

_DSC8823So now Jackie’s in our bedroom, Jet in the store room and Donnie in our office.

_DSC8834Donnie who spent most of the day hissing angrily at me after the other two started becoming hostile towards her has mellowed down plenty especially after I showered and got rid of whatever scents I had on me. In fact here she is helping me approve the quotations of our Centre‘s renovation. Sigh, let’s hope tomorrow will be better.